Minecraft Wipeout Zone Map

Minecraft Maps — February 22, 2013, 3:49 PM



Minecraft Wipeout Zone Map (2)

Minecraft Wipeout Zone Map (1)

Features of this map:

  • A working timing system
  • 9 Wipeout zone parts

These parts are included in the map:

  • 2 Jumping courses
  • 2 Piston waves (sort of)
  • 2 Piston things without a name
  • 1 Waterfall
  • 1 ‘Dodge the piston’
  • 1 Ladder parcours

Rules & Stuff:

  • Dont’t walk on the cyan wool
  • Only proceed to the next part if you completed the previous part
  • Play on peaceful
  • The timer automaticaly resets itself if you play again
  • We advise you to use the texturepack!

Texture Pack: Download

Developer: epicstructures

Download The Wipeout Zone Map for Minecraft:


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